It runs through my blood. Sewing.  Creating stuff from scratch, not just any stuff, but artworks, masterpieces. Blouses that tell a story. Stitches I realize I used to sew them as a child or new ones I never thought I could master.
I love the sound of the needle going through the delicate fabric in the quiet evenings after kids go to bed. The rest of the world will soon fell asleep. It’s just me and the sound of the needle. First the needle and then the thread following through a delicate, but firm pull. Oh, that sound! It soothes all my senses. No matter how hard a day I’ve had, that sound of the needle, the thread, going in, and out, again and again in a simetry that surprises the eye and the mind, that’s music to my ears
I could write pages on why I love sewing Romanian traditional blues.
I just hope in years from now my daughter will proudly pass this one I’m sewing right now to her daughter’s daughter. It has a beautiful story to tell to generations to come.


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